Targeted Community Surveys

Unlike The Missouri Municipal Survey™ which assesses citizen opinions on a wide variety of topics and services, targeted community surveys are designed to elicit citizen feedback about a specific local government service or function, e.g., parks, public safety, utilities, workforce development, etc. These types of surveys allow us to delve deeper into a particular topic to determine if departmental policies and services align with community priorities and expectations.

Since 1991, Opinion Research Specialists has designed and conducted hundreds of targeted community surveys for local government departments and nonprofits.

Library Surveys

Opinion Research Specialists has considerable experience designing and conducting surveys for libraries throughout Missouri and other states. To meet changing community needs and for strategic planning purposes, libraries should periodically conduct probability-based surveys of library users, non-users, and voters. For example, our research for the Springfield-Greene County Library District was instrumental in the passage of tax measures to fund the 82,000 square-foot Library Center and the 36,000 square-foot Library Station.


Opinion Research Specialists has designed and conducted library surveys in Missouri, California, Florida, Texas, and Colorado.

School Surveys

For more than 31 years, educational institutions throughout Missouri have relied on Opinion Research Specialists to survey their teachers/staff, parents, voters, and community at large. We use a combination of qualitative (human-centered design) and quantitative methodologies to ensure that all stakeholder voices are heard.


The qualitative and quantitative research we have conducted for Springfield R-12 (largest school district in Missouri) has assisted with the passage of more than $300 million dollars of investments by Springfield voters. Our surveys and focus groups of parents, staff, and community were instrumental in the development of Joplin School District’s five-year strategic plan (2022–2027). We helped the Mehlville School District in 2021 to pass their first bond issue in 30 years. And for the past 15 years, Ozarks Technical Community College (Missouri’s third largest community college) has asked us to conduct their annual district-wide survey for strategic planning purposes.

Employee Surveys

Employee surveys allow management to address employee concerns before they adversely impact the work environment. To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of survey results, organizations should seek the assistance of professionally trained, independent research companies like Opinion Research Specialists. Our survey methodology consistently yields employee response rates between 70% and 90% and has been highlighted in publications such as Public Personnel Management, State and Local Government Review, and the Missouri Municipal Review.

Employee perceptions that we measure and track include:

  • Physical work environment
  • Training opportunities
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Internal communications
  • Utilization of job skils
  • Organizational commitment
  • Pay and benefits
  • Work/life balance
  • Workload distribution
  • Immediate supervisor
  • Co-workers
  • Overall job satisfaction
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